About Me

My name is Sean Ward and I am currently an undergraduate Mechanical Engineering student at California State University, Long Beach. After a 17-year run as a player starting at tee ball, I was given a chance to compete for the Long Beach State Dirtbags in the Fall of 2018, while transferring to the school for my first semester of studies.

After a few months of work with the team, I was unfortunately unable to make the Spring 2019 roster. Being eternally grateful for the chance to compete for the team, I offered my services for the Spring 2019 season when it came to the Trackman pitch tracking machine. The coaches had already approached me about the idea well-knowing that I do well with numbers, especially with my engineering background, and I began collecting and analyzing the data that the machine was producing for every pitch thrown in both practices and games.

During the season, I worked directly with the pitchers and coaches in ensuring that we were getting the most out of a pitcher’s potential through the use of Trackman data and video analysis.

Since then, I’ve found nothing short of a profound love for the world of baseball analytics and development and I plan on doing everything I can to further progress my knowledge in the field, and hopefully turn this hobby into a career someday.